About me

Hi I’m Katie – Coffee addict. Beauty product hoarder. Lover of heavy-metal & Scandinavian Noir.

So why did I start a blog? Well in my teens I was obsessed with Live Journal and building websites (anyone remember angel fire?) so starting a blog was a natural progression. A self-confessed beauty product hoarder, I can’t resist a new hair volumiser or eye-liner (Robert Smith is very much a style icon) I go through beauty products like nobody’s business, so thought i’d turn that into something productive and start documenting what does and doesn’t work. (note: I source all my own products for the blog.)

I also love to write and hopefully my years of working in PR and now in digital have made me a little better at this. But I’m always learning and wanted a platform to test any ideas I have around SEO and digital content. It’s a little sparse at the moment but I have started a blogging tips section where I will share what I’ve learned over my years experience working with a number of brands and influencers on their websites and social channels. Which hopefully any new bloggers will find useful. 

On the blog you’ll find a lot of beauty reviews (especially for sensitive skin), I’ve also created a ‘Dress like’ column, looking at fashion inspiration of those slightly more unusual film icons and the ‘Monday Muse‘ column for my favourite fashion influencers. Living in London, I’ll include any recommendations of places to go, as well as diaries of any trips I go on. Which leads me to how the blog got it’s name. 

I’ve always had a lot of nicknames revolving around my surname, Swan, and the song/album name Turn Loose The Swans perfectly combines this with my first love, metal music! (For anyone not already a fan, it’s by the brilliant  My Dying Bride.) 

For more follow my blog or i’m always happy to answer any questions, just contact me.