Two Week holiday beauty countdown

It’s an usual time to be going on a summer holiday, but I’m heading off in two weeks time to Egypt. I’ve started my packing list and last minute shopping, and thought i’d share my beauty countdown list with you.

Two weeks to go…

  • Hair Cut – This is the time to get your hair trimmed or coloured ready for your holiday. It gives you a couple of weeks growth to give it a natural lived in look.
  • Pedicure – I find my pedicure tends to last a good two weeks, even the ones I do myself. So at the end of the week treat your feet. Do a deep moisture treatment and tidy up and paint your nails. Essie gel polish has a great range of colours and lasts really well.



One week to go…

  • Exfoliate – Do an all over body exfoliation before you go for your wax, a lot of beauty salons will also have the option to get the exfoliation done as part waxing treatment.
  • Waxing – Make sure you’ve booked this plenty of time in advance, especially in the summer, to get the appointment when you want it so you can be fuzz free for holiday. This is also the time to get your eye brow shaping or lash tints if you so require.
  • Facial – ย You want this done a few days before you go away as you might need a couple of days for your skin to recover. Best bet is to go to the place you always do, or at least one that uses the same products, so you aren’t in for a nasty surprise. If you want to save some time any more,ย here’s my guide on how to do your own facialย at home.

do your own facial

A couple of days to go…

  • Fake Tan – You need to wait at least 24 hour after waxing, which will work well as you’ll want to get it done pretty close to your holiday as a spray tan will last 5-10 days.
  • Manicure – Get this done as close as possible to your holiday as they always seem to chip, even if I get a gel manicure it barely makes it a week! If you’re doing your own nails, here’s my guide to get the perfect manicure.
  • Hair Pack – Put this on the day before to give your hair a freshen up, or maybe run a bath and do as part of a pampering evening the night before you go away. I would really recommend the Macadamia Oil Repair Masque, works wonders on my hair, even after drenching it in chlorine all week!


As you well know, skincare is a daily commitment, so don’t forget to keep hydrated and moisturise to keep your skin in tip top condition ahead of your holiday.


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