Why you should wash your make up brushes

Make up brushes harbour bacteria like nobody’s business, so you need to wash them frequently so they aren’t contributing to break outs. Foundation brushes you really want to be doing a deep clean once a week, especially as you’re using them across your whole face each day. You can tide yourself over with make up brush wipes each day.

Eye make up brushes and those for powder products like blusher and bronzer can last a bit longer but whilst your washing one you might as well wash them all!

spectrum brushes wash

  1. Soak in luke warm water with some fairy liquid to get the residual make up off. Leave for a few minutes. (If you have really expensive brushes you may not want to do this as leaving in water for a long time can affect the glue in the brush, so just rinse under the tap holding them facing down).
  2. Then I take each brush and swirl against the palm of my hand to clean. You can get special brush cleaner palettes, but you can do just a good a job with out one.
  3. Rinse each brush well under the tap to get the soap out.
  4. Squeeze gently, with the direction of the brush, to get any excess water off.
  5. Then lay out to dry on a clean towel. They should dry over night, ready to use the next morning.

drying make up brushes




2 thoughts on “Why you should wash your make up brushes

  1. Washing my brushes is my most hated chore but I always make sure I do it at least every two or three weeks. The amount of gunk and buildup can be so disgusting.

    I also notice my skin is a lot clearer when I stick to a cleaning routine. My biggest tip is to use baby shampoo as its gentle enough to clean without stripping the brushes or damaging them! Xo

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