Five top products for swimmers

We all have our post swim or gym routine, we want to get out, showered, dressed and on our way as quickly as possible. Here are my top products to help you beautify whilst you cool down and dress up.

  1. Firstly, you’ll need a shower gel and you do need one specifically for swimming, as no matter how beautiful they smell, they will not get rid of the chlorine. I have tried a number of lovely Lush shower gels but they just don’t get rid of that residual chemical smell. The best are actually the Boots and SuperDrug own brand all in one shower gel, shampoo and conditioners. They 100% get rid of the chlorine after a long swim.
  2. Secondly, face wash, use something gentle after you’ve essentially bathed your face in chemicals for an hour. I’ve said before Avene to great gentle face washes, as do other French brands such as Vichy and La Roche Possay.
  3. Then, you need some sort of moisturiser. Unfortunately, all those chemicals that keep the pool clean, also completely dry-out your skin. Whilst you can bring any moisturiser you like, for a quick get away I like either body oil or a mist, as they absorb into the skin almost immediately. Whilst an annoying step to add to the changing ritual, I would really recommend otherwise you get such that horrible flaky skin everywhere. This goes for the face as well, take your usual moisturiser with you and slap it on afterwards. Especially in the winter months.
  4. Finally, your crowning glory, your hair. I just don’t get on with leave in conditioners, they always make my hair really greasy. I personally use the Macadamia Oil masque once or twice a week depending on how often I go swimming. I leave it in and tie my hair up after swimming for the 20 minute walk home, then wash it out. It’s perfect, it leaves my hair soft and in great condition. You can actually buy it in TK Maxx now for a for massive discount. A lot of people also swear by the swim masques, you can splash out (get it!) on the Philip Kingsley Swim Cap, or Boots also does an own brand one, as part of the same range as the all-in-one shower gel and shampoo.
  5. Finally, get a Tangle Teezer. With all these products in and our your hair, trying to get all the tangles out can make you feel like a kid again! With a Tangle Teezer you can brush them straight out and be on your way.

Anyone else a keen swimmer? What products do you have in your swim/gym bag?





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