Essentials: Benefit Brow

So there are a lot of options when it comes to Benefits and Brows; there are pencils, powders, liquid liners and gels. My personal favourite is the Gimme Brow volumising eyebrow gel, that’s like a tiny eyebrow mascara.

I dont have particularly thin eye brows and I’m lucky that they don’t grow particularly quickly either. They are very medium eyebrows! Medium in shape, colour and growth. lol. And, as i’ve got a fringe, i don’t want a really defined arch, or they’re going to get totally lost in my hair. So the eyebrow gels are perfect for me as they define them well and fills in any patchy bits for a great shape.


The packaging has been redesigned since I last bought this product, it’s now silver and pink, which is much more appealing than just brown and black like every other eyebrow product! It also now has a multi-edged top which allows for better grip and more easy application, especially when it is such a small wand.

Apply by brushing along your eyebrow to add the colour, then backwards to add the volume to each eyebrow lash. Then finally forwards to shape and tame.

Gives your eyebrows consistent colour and texture. The fact that it volumises means it gives your brows great definition. The little wand applications enables you to tame and add shape to your brow.

What I love about this product is that it looks really natural (providing you match the right colour 🙂 ) and you can just keep applying to get the desired look you want. And, it has great durability and lasts all day, no need to reapply in the evening if you’re going out.

gimme brow lid off



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