Benefit they’re real eyeshadow review

Big fan of the ‘they’re real’ range, have the mascara in black and blue, so decided to try out the new ‘They’re Real Due Eye Shadow Blender.

I went for the ‘Naughty Neutral’ palette which has a soft pink and warm chocolately brown satin pressed powders. I love the colours, they really complement each other and are perfect for every day make up look, especially for pale skin.

There is a small sponge blender to apply the shades together, so you can just swipe and apply in one go and it’s advised you just wipe the applicator after each use. It did sort of work but I found i had to properly blend it in with brushes afterwards, so i’ve just given up on that and use my Spectrum brushes to apply the two shades.

eye duo on brushes

You can either apply the dark shade along the lash line and the pale shade above, or vice versa. I like to wear vice versa with the dark shade along the eye crease – very sixties and goes well with eye liner flick!

I always recommend using Urban Decay Primer Potion, eye shadow primer to prolong eye make up application. And it works a dream with this Benefit Duo, very long lasting and crease resistant

The packaging is the same silver shade as the mascara and comes with a flip top lid with a mirror in, although it’s far to tiny to use for anything! It’s nice and light so would have been great to carry around in your make up bag, except when i dropped mine most of the powder came loose, i managed to press it back in but now it has to live on my dressing table and used very carefully 😦

At a cost of £19.50, it’s pretty much on a par with other Benefit products, you are getting two eye shadows, but obviously smaller amounts, I mean thats half a Naked Palette. And, if you have a Naked Palette is it worth getting another neutral shade? Yes if you are after something with a bit of sheen to it, otherwise not so sure. I like it but not sure I love it enough to buy again for twenty quid. Does anyone else use this? What do you think?

eye duo photo
Post dropping 😦 didn’t get chance to take the photo before.



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