Waitrose Pure Comforting Serum Review

The Waitrose Pure Comforting Serum is part of the Waitrose own brand beauty range. This is a really good budget range, I previously reviewed the Pure Cleanser and Miscellar Water, both good products and only £2.50 each.

The Serum retails at £5. It doesn’t look like a luxury brand, but the packaging is clean and simple. It comes boxed and the white and pink design will look nice enough in any bathroom.

waitrose serum cream review

Interestingly i have bought this product before and the serum seemed more like a cream moisturiser, now its quite runny. So more like an essence. Not sure if it’s just this bottle or they’ve changed the formula. But it still has the same cotton scent, so smells nice and fresh.

I may have mentioned once or twice I have sensitive skin, and this really soothing and pleasant to apply to the skin. It absorbs very quickly so you don’t have to wait long to apply your moisturiser afterwards. It actually pairs very nicely with the Avene hydrating moisturiser as both are very light.

waitrose serum review


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