Three steps to stop eye make up smudging

Smudging eye make up is a huge bug bear of mine, nothing more annoying then getting into work and discovering your eye make up is already running down your face! So here are three steps to incorporate into your daily make up routine so hopefully make those panda eyes a thing of the past:


Start with clean skin, cleansing to remove any excess oil or impurities from the skin before you get started. Then apply an eye shadow primer, my favourite is Urban Decay Primer Potion works brilliantly keeping your eye make up in place all day.

My best solution to stop eye make up smudging is Boots Skin Clear Oil Absorbing sheets, I just dab under the eyes on top of foundation and concealer before applying mascara. Works so well at stopping smudges and running eye make up.


Apply your liquid eye liner, or eye liner pen, then lightly brush over black/brown eye shadow, depending on your liner colour, to set the liner.

When it comes to mascara, curl your lashes first, basically if there’s less of them touching your skin, the less smudging you’ll get! You can of course use waterproof mascara as well, which should help with smudging, I personally don’t use waterproof mascara as I find it such a nightmare to get off. But I can really recommend Lancome Hypnose Volumisng Mascara, as a the best non-waterpoor mascara for staying power.


Finally set your make up with a fixing spray like MAC Prep and Prime Fix spray.

Fingers crossed this should help combat eye make up smudges. As a final resort take some cotton buds and make up for touch ups with you.

Please share any of tips you have in the comments section!


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