Essentials: Benefit Hoola Bronzer

Now it’s summer time a bronzer is essential, and my essential bronzer is: Benefit Hoola Bronzer.

Nice packaging as always from Benefit, bold colours and love the box style of their bronzers and blushers. I got the tiny one for holiday thinking “oh i’ll just get the bigger one when it runs out and it’s lasted for ages!” Obviously the mirror is far too tiny for anything and I have to squish my bronzer brush in, but really pleased with how long it’s lasted for the cost. And it easily fits in your make up bag for on the go touch ups.

Benefit hoola packaging

The best thing about this powdered bronzer is that it’s matte, no shimmer or glittery bits which i’m not a fan of. It’s also a soft shade so it’s flattering for pale skin and looks very natural.

Apply in a backwards three shape on either side of your face – forehead, cheekbones to chin – for a nice healthy glow. Or build up and use for contouring. I’m very pale, so just one swush (technical term) works for me. I fine that lasts pretty much all day and just apply again if i’m going out in the evening.

If you have really sensitive skin I can also recommend Caudalie Teint Devin.

Does anyone else use Benefit Hoola? Any complementary products to recommend?




5 thoughts on “Essentials: Benefit Hoola Bronzer

  1. I’ve been umming and arring about this for a while but think I’m gonna pick this up! Great post it’d mean a lot if you checked my recent post too x

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