Lee Stafford Hair Growth Review

I’m desperately trying to grow my hair, after a disastrous hair cut last year left it wonky and then incredibly short! So i’m trying any products that offer faster hair growth.

I really like the Lee Stafford range, having used a lot of the shampoos and styling gels before, so i’ve trialled the Lee Stafford Hair Growth range.

The idea of the Hair Growth range is “it fertilises the follicles and help hair reach its maximum potential length”. So how does it perform:

  • Shampoo – a protein based shampoo to encourage growth, it does recommend you shampoo twice but who has time to do that! The pros are it’s a good cleansing shampoo, I have naturally oily hair and it cleanses the scalp really well. I wouldn’t say it offers any noticeable volume.
  • Conditioner – a protein based conditioner to moisturise and strengthen the hair. I’ve been using this for just over a month now and even though I do a lot of swimming, which massively dries out my hair, I have no split ends.
  • There’s also an optional leave in treatment you can get as well. The range is currently on offer at Boots.

So strengthening, cleansing and nourishing I would say yes, volume not so much. In terms of actual hair length and encouraging growth obviously very hard to say over a month, it has grown but hair does grow a bit faster in the summer anyway (that’s real science, I haven’t made that up). Having good conditioned hair and no split ends can only be beneficial for hair growth so i’m going to continue using for now.

Has anyone else used this range? any other tips for products that help hair growth?




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