Living Proof Full Thickening Cream Review

Living proof full thickening cream is a styling cream designed to, surprisingly,  thicken your hair.

It’s marketed on that fact it’s powered by PBAE which is Living Proof’s patented thickening module. So it’s not only thicker but moves like naturally thick hair. I’m very dubious about scientific claims but let’s see how the product performed.

Packaging – The bottle is plain grey, which is unusual for a beauty product, but I was drawn to the simplicity of the design. It’s a push down top and squeezable bottle, so you will be able to get every last drop out!

The product – It’s a white creamy texture, with a very light fragrance. I have naturally oily hair (it needs washing every day) but I have very dry ends from bleaching and swimming a lot, and I do find this adds a nice layer of moisture, without making the tips greasy.

Application – It’s recommended you apply a pea sized amount, one of the few products where they actually advise applying less! So just apply a small amount and see how you get on. I start at the roots and then find I need to add another little dab to the tips as it does absorb into the hair very quickly.

As with most hair products your hair should be damp and not soaking wet or your hair just isn’t going to absorb the product, so towel dry any excess moisture off before applying.

You do need to blow dry your hair, if you let it dry naturally you won’t really notice much difference.

Conclusion – I do love this product, over all it provides volume and movement and I feel like my hair looks in really good condition when I use it. However, this really only lasts the day it has been washed and the next day its flat again. The other con is the price, at £23 this is probably the most expensive volumiser I have purchased! I have been using it for around a month and probably have half a bottle left. You can purchase at John Lewis and M&S in the UK.

I would buy it again if I was feeling flush, but I’m not wedded to it, i’m more than happy to keep trialling other volumising products at different prices. In fact does anyone have any recommendations for my next one?


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