Waitrose Pure Skincare Products Review

I ended up buying this purely (ha) because it was the end of the month I was on a budget but had run out of cleanser and make up remover.

The packaging is clean and fresh and the bottles are the same size, which is very satisfactory when organising your daily products!

Waitrose Pure Cleansing Milk – The cleanser has a pump dispenser which is very useful, I hate those you have to try and shake it out of! It has a creamy consistency and very light, cotton-like fragrance. So very pleasant to use. It easily gets all my make up off and it quickly absorbs into the skin, so you don’t need to rinse with water, saving valuable time in your morning and evening routine!

Waitrose Pure Miscellar Water – I use this for double cleansing after using the cleanser above.  It’s difficult to review something that’s essentially water! But it’s gentle on the skin and gets the last bits of eye make up off and any cleanser residue. It’s just as good as any branded ones I’ve used.

My skin is very sensitive and is perfectly fine with both these products, no redness or irritation at all. It’s a real shame they don’t have a toner to accompany this range, as would definitely use that as well.

At only £2.50 each, they are both great value for money. There is a day/night cream, eye gel and facial cleanser also in the range. You can pick up in a Waitrose store or online.

Has anyone else tried these products? Or got any great own brand skincare recommendations?


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