How to find time to blog

Ironically I’m writing this after not blogging for a while as work has completely taken over! But i’m determined to get back into the habit, so here’s what’s worked really well for me when I was in the swing of it and posting three blogs a week. I feel this is a good as it provides regular updates with out inundating people with content. However, as long as you have something interesting or useful to offer, there’s really not limit on how many times you should blog! And, you’ll soon see from engagement rates whats working well for your audience.

  1. Draft more than one – When you get time to write, draft a few blogs in one go. You can then schedule them to go out over the week at a time when most of your readers will see it.
  2. Find when you’re most productive – is in the evening or does it need to be a weekend morning? There’s no point spending hours over something that could take you half an hour in the morning, or vice versa.
  3. Make it a habit – Have a set time each week that you sit down and draft your content. Building a successful blog requires a lot of time investment, and although it’s fun, sometimes you do need to treat it like a job and allocate time where you sit down and focus on it.
  4. Multi-task – if you want to binge watch you favourite Netflix show, can you blog at the same time?
  5. Have your photos ready to go – you don’t have a load of great blogs stat in drafts waiting for photos to go in. There’s loads of copyright free photo sites with cool images in you can use as well.
  6. Make notesΒ – whenever you think of blog ideas, then you won’t get stuck of inspiration when it comes to drafting your blogs. Or, if you’re stuck, you can check out my beauty blog ideas post.
  7. Be prepared – if you’re writing a longer piece, do your research beforehand, have your notes, and a lose plan of what you want to write first, then all you need to do is put it together, much less daunting than tackling the whole thing in one go!
  8. Likewise arrange your tasks into chunks – of course blogging isn’t just about writing posts. It’s about building and engaging with your community. Set aside time each to sit down and read and interact with other likeminded bloggers.Β Also look for guest blog opportunities to grow your audience and find new interesting people to follow.

What are your top tips for finding time to blog?


6 thoughts on “How to find time to blog

  1. The WordPress app is downloaded on my phone so I can always start up a draft if need be. As soon as I have a good idea in my head, I want to write it down immediately! Even if I end up not using the post it’s super convenient to put my thoughts in safe place! I’ll have to try some of your other ideas! Great post!

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