Butchers Salon Review

After getting my hair cut completely wonky at my last hairdressers (before my brother’s wedding no less!) it was time for me to find somewhere new, so with London on my doorstep, and the hairdressing world my oyster, I did what any self respecting millennial would do and googled top hairdressers. I found Butchers Salon in an article in Harpers Bazaar and made my appointment.

I headed over to Shoreditch/Hackney last Saturday for my new do. It’s obviously very popular, as every seat is filled and the salon was buzzing. Some clients were getting a complete colour overhaul, others, like me, just there to get a trim.

The stylist I had was Kaela, always a great sign when your hairdresser has great hair! I asked for a teeny tiny trim off the bottom, and some layers put in to make it more choppy and textured. I have a long bob now and I’m trying grow it longer but I’m at that annoying in-between stage where it just hangs. And you know what? I got what I asked for and I was consulted all the way through. When she finished the cut, she styled my hair in tousled waves, I know so original, but that’s what I like!

A really nice touch is the neck and shoulder massage before you get your hair washed with aromatherapy oils, which just makes the whole experience feel really luxurious. I could’ve just fallen straight to sleep, was really struggling to keep conversation going. They also use Aveda products, which I just love (covered here in one of my haircare blogs ‘Top haircare products for sensitive skin‘). I really liked the smoothing styling product she used, which I need to track down, I should have just bought it at the Salon, but was trying to be good.

Would definitely go back there and would really recommend. £60 for a cut and blow dry in a London salon and the confidence you’re going to get a really good haircut is great value for money.

Has anyone else been here or got a great Salon to recommend?



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