Lush Damaged Hair Masque Review

Now I am a huge Lush fan and would recommend 99% of their products, apart from this hair conditioning nightmare!

I wanted to treat myself to a nice hair mask as the ends of my hair are horribly damaged by dye and swimming all the time is making it worse. I picked up the Damaged Hot Oil Treatment from Lush. It includes almond oil, avocado oil and extra virgin olive oil.

Firstly, I spent about half and hour trying to dissolve this! I added a bit of boiling water and mixed it round, no dissolving, kept adding more water, still not working. Too much water then so had to empty it and start again. Then through a mix of string and mashing I finally managed to dissolve it but it looked nothing like the video! Was a horrible gloopy consistency with hard bit still in it. Yuck!

So I smushed the mixture into my hair, which incidentally smelt like horse! I think it’s because it smells a bit like straw/hay so makes me think of horses. Left it for recommended 20 mins and dried hard on my hair.

I then washed it out, well did the first wash and my hair felt waxy and horrible. So I washed it two more times and conditioned and was still not 100% out. The end result my hair looked ok but not like it has had a special hair mask in it! Then the next day it went all limp and flat with the weight of the mixture. So all in all a disaster. Very disappointing as I’ve posted before I love the ‘It’s Raining Men’ shampoo and ‘American Cream’ conditioner, use Β all the time after swimming and leaves my hair in great condition and smelling amazing!

Anyone else tried the Lush hair treatments or have a better one to recommend?


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