NYX Cosmetics Make Up Review

Latest little haul was from NYX cosmetics, and it was quite hit and miss to be honest. NYX is marketed on being department store quality for drug store prices, but I found some are really just drug store quality but there are some gems in there. I’ve started with the best:

Tinted Brow Mascara (£5.50) – This was great, I use this all the time now, natural looking colour that gives good shape and control and lasts really well and so much cheaper than branded brow mascaras. Just check the shades as you’ll probably need one darker than you think.

Make Up Setting Spray Dewy (£7.00) – This was so so, my foundation lasted longer and it does make you look dewy! Although patches were a bit cakey and it make my mascara smudge slightly when applying.

Eye Shadow Base (£5.50) – This just didn’t work at all unfortunately, and the Urban Decay one is so good. It can give you a good base especially if you are wearing bright colours but doesn’t extend wear or protect against creases at all.

Matte LipStick Pale Pink (£6.50) – I was very disappointed with this, when applied it was very patchy, it felt like trying to apply lipstick with a crayon! With more layers and eventually getting full coverage it didn’t last very long. Would not recommend this, there are far far better lipsticks for a similar price like Rimmel.






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