Spectrum Make Up Brushes Review

You’ll doubtless have seen the Spectrum Make Up Brushes pop up in numerous beautiful beauty blogger Instagram snaps. I have had my eye on them for a while, so this month I treated myself to set.

Spectrum brushes pride themselves on their Vegan and cruelty free products (they are PETA registered), so each brush is made with high quality synthetic hair and they are so soft! The handles are chunky and feel good quality. I love the colours but it would have been nice to be able to buy individual brushes in different colours as well.

They arrived individually wrapped in cellophane in their own bright pink plastic package, which I loved. If you sign up to their newsletter you do get 10% off your first purchase which is a great offer. So I paid just under £25 for five new brushes and £3.99 postage which is reasonable. However, a week later i’m coming to write the blog and most are sold out! And when i bought them a lot seemed to be sold out then as well, not sure how long this range will last so it may be that when I want purchase different models they will be in a different colour.

There is a huge range on the website and you’re bound to find one to suit your needs. If you do a set you will save money but I knew which particular brushes I wanted based on how I usually do my make. So to start my Spectrum Make Up Brush collection I purchase the following brushes:

  • A04 Strong Finish (£7.99) – Tapered finishing brush for fine application of bronzer, power or highlighter. This was more tapered than I was anticipating and I’m not much of a contourer, so might not use this one as much, prefer a more domed bronzer brush.
  • A05 Blush Crush (sold out) – Angled blush brush for precise shading and highlighting cheekbones. You only need the tiniest bit of blusher for this one, but the cut of the brush is perfect for getting that highlighting angle with your blusher.
  • A06 Shady Lady (£4.99) – Wide flat brush to apply powder, shadow, cream eye shadow to the whole eyelid.  I was very surprised by how large the eye brushes where, they are noticeably bigger than any other brand of eye make up brush I’ve bought before, so something to keep in mind, if you want a precision brush, you will will need the tiny ones.
  • A07 Full Colour (sold out) – stubby shading brush for really packing on the eye colour. Large fluffy head for soft blended finish. Lovely brush for highlighting shades.
  • A13 Short ‘N’ Sweet (sold out) – Short stubby brush for applying powder or cream eye shadow around the lash line to get that smudgy effect. I have been using this for under eye smudging and it’s great, really firm brush so you can get the line exactly how you want it.

Does anyone else use Spectrum Brushes? Which are you favourite brushes?



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