35 Beauty Blog Post Ideas

Writers block can hit you at any time! Here are some blog post ideas that hopefully you’ll find useful. I always have a notebook with me and whenever I think of a new topic I jot it down before I forget!


  1. A product review
  2. Get the look tutorial
  3. How to guide – a facial, look after brushes.etc
  4. Brand comparison on a particular beauty product
  5. Comment on a beauty news story
  6. What’s in your handbag?
  7. What’s in your make up bag?
  8. Holiday beauty packing list
  9. Holiday getting ready guide
  10. Address a beauty myth
  11. Beauty gift guide
  12. Investigate a much asking beauty question
  13. Beauty or fashion icon profile
  14. Profile on a favourite beauty brand
  15. Monthly favourite products
  16. Monthly empties
  17. Favourites of product – lipsticks, mascara.etc
  18. Ten products you can’t live without
  19. Ten disappointing beauty products
  20. Skincare routines (morning/evening/weekly)
  21. Daily make up look
  22. Beauty wish list
  23. Beauty book review
  24. Beauty seasonal trends
  25. Where you shop for beauty products
  26. Latest beauty product haul
  27. Favourite bloggers list
  28. Favourite celeb make up looks
  29. Your make up storage
  30. Beauty contest or give-away
  31. Share your blogging experience and tips
  32. Interview with another blogger or industry expert
  33. How you got into blogging
  34. Your photography tips
  35. Run a blog Q&A

3 thoughts on “35 Beauty Blog Post Ideas

    1. Hate it when that happens 😦 But you’re blog looks great, would be really interesting to hear about what products you recommend after you’ve been scuba diving as I find swimming in sea or going on the beach completely dries out my hair!

      Liked by 1 person

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