March Favourites

Finally got round to my March Favourites, even though it’s mid April now! What has everyone else been using this month? Any favourites or great new products?

  • Lush Feeling Younger Skin Tint – This is amazing, add a dab to your foundation and it gives your skin a great glow, making it look naturally dewy. I found it also helped my foundation last longer as well. Definitely my favourite new product so far this year.
  • Beauty Blender Sponge – I really went off using brushes for foundation after the horrible Body Shop one, and had just been using my fingers, but have gone back to blending with a beauty blender now i am using foundation mixed in the with Lush Feeling Younger Skin Tint. It’s great for even blending just a pain to wash them all the time, you can never quite get then 100% clean again!
  • MAC Lip Conditioner – I love this it’s such a nice lip balm, great texture, moisturisers and doesn’t leave any sticky residue on your lips. More on this in my Essentials LipCare Blog.
  • NARs Orgasm Blush – I covered this cult classic in my previous Essentials Blush Blog
  • Benefit’s Hoola Bronzer £24.50 – I love this as it’s a matte bronzer, so perfect for my day to day look. Especially paired with…Watt’s Up Highlighter £25.50 – champagne colour highlighter,  lovely shade and easy to apply. Cream to powder finish you can blend with the little blender at the end. Also Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara Beyond Blue Mascara £20.50 – get so many comments on this mascara, i didn’t think it was that noticeable! Its a great all rounder, lengthening, volumising and curling. You can read more on these products in Favourite Benefit Products blog post.




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