Why should you use toner?

We’re all familiar with the cleanse, tone, moisturise mantra. We’ve all followed it religiously since our early teens. Cleansing cleanses and removes make up, moisturiser moisturises, so what does toner do and do we need to tone our skin? But cult beauty faves, like Pixi Glow Tonic, and the popular Korean Skincare Routines, have brought toner into the lime light again.

What is toner?

Toner is a water based liquid with added in plant extracts and essential oils depending on it’s function. So it’s essentially double cleansing with the added benefit of prepping your skin got moisturised.

Toners are much more sophisticated now and not simply the astringent type commonly associated with oily skin. Some are cleansing, calming, balance and soothing. But your best bet is to make sure it’s alcohol free, unless you’re treating very oily or acne prone skin, as this can really dry out your skin. And I know my sensitive skin does not react well to alcohol based ones, so I tend to go for ones with Rosewater, like the Lush Eau Roma Water, as this is very soothing to irritated skin.

The benefits of Toner

  1. Removes excess oil – so an additional step to your cleansing routine and it adds pH balance to the skin
  2. Tightens pores – and because of this it can add an extra layer of protection to your skin, stopping contaminants getting in and causing spots or irritation
  3. Moisturises – toners are humectants (yep never heard of that before either) which means they help bind moisturise to the skin, so the ideal base for applying your moisturiser – likewise it will also prep your skin for anti-aging treatments and other moisturising serums
  4. Helps prevent in grown hairs – toners contain glycol which can help prevent ingrown hairs if you ever have issues around that
  5. Refreshes skin – won’t remove a whole face of make up but can remove excess oil and dirt for a refresh – but you do want to be careful about overusing them as using toner too frequently can cause your skin to produce more oils to compensate – so generally just stick to the morning and evening skincare routines

The question is now, which toner to use? What are you recommendations?



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