Essentials: Urban Decay Eye Shadow Palette and Primer 

Smize with me, for today we are looking at the eyes.

So we have the Essential Foundation and Essential  Blush, today is Essential eye shadow and primer as they are both from Urban Decay.

Urban Decay Primer Portion is the ONLY eye shadow primer that works. I have tried so many and they’re all lies. Put this bad boy on in the morning and your eye shadow is set all day. You might want to touch up colour wise if you’re going out in the evening, but it won’t be a big smudgy mess all round your panda eyes. I love that there are different colours. I currently have Eden which although is Matte nude, the shade adds a nice highlighter effect on the brown one. I use the wand to apply and then use my finger tips to blend. At £17 it’s cheaper than the Benefit one I used to use but a million times better, can’t recommend it enough.

Naturally this is paired with the Naked Palette. At the moment, I just have the Naked Basics Palette as the full set is so massive! I’m overwhelmed with choice. I do really like the MAC eye shadows as well, but the Naked Palette is my daily go to. I also love the half baked gold Urban Decay eye shadow, which i must get more of for the summer. That’s just me thinking out loud there. So the Basics Palette is £24 ranging up to the Full Spectrum Palette which is £43. Considering a single eye shadow from most good brand is around 15 quid, that’s pretty good.

Does anyone else use the Naked Palettes? Which one is best?


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