Camel Milk White Volume review

Neogen Camel Milk White Volume moisturiser is described as ‘very nourishing’ and that it ‘brightens the skin’. I also saw on one site it was described as ‘essence’, which if you’re familiar with Korean skincare you’ll recognise as an important hydrating step in the 10 step skincare routine.

It comes in a little cardboard box like a milk carton, very cute and contains camel milk, obviously, and plant seed oils. Unfortunately a lot of content has been lost in translation and I can’t find out much else about it.

It’s to be used as a normal moisturiser morning and evening after your usual cleansing and toning routine.

It’s very thick and creamy, a really nice texture for a moisturiser and you only need a small amount so a pot is going to last you a while.

I have combination skin and I found it was absorbed well into the skin and I often find rich moisturisers make my skin very oily and can lead to break outs. It is slightly brightening, however, not enough to tempt me into not wearing foundation!

However, one morning I used it and I had a small cut on my face and I could really feel it sting, which makes me think you should be wary of this if you have very sensitive skin.

According to the Wikipedia page, camel milk has many great properties and is included in cosmetics as it can combat the bacteria that causes acne. This is probably why despite being a very reach cream, it doesn’t make your skin oily.

You can currently buy it on Amazon for £38.99 but I picked it up at TK Maxx for a tenner!

Has anyone else tried this out? What did you think?


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