Lush Vanillary Perfume Review

I never thought to try a vanilla perfume before as it does feel a bit tweedy, like back at school when i would douse myself in impulse or charlie. But I was reading Cat Marnell’s memoir and she

And I thought, I know where will have one, Lush! It’s called Vanillary, part of the Lush Gorilla Perfume range, volume 1.

So what does it contain, not much, which is a good sign! So very natural and much more aromatherapy, essential oils than body spray. It has Vanilla, obviously, which is supposed to be an uplifting and de-stressng fragrance. Perfect. This is complimented nicely by Jasmine and Tonka, which I had never heard of before (!) but it has a sweet, vanilla like perfume – see what they did there.

I just love it, it smells sweet but in a more musky, sensual way than like a body spray would. Lush describe as ‘sweet but sophisticated; which I would completely agree with.

It does last really well, considering the price (£16 for a 10ml bottle and £32 for a 30ml bottle), I thought it wouldn’t really smell of anything, or smell really strongly but of something hideous!

Anyone else use any of the other Lush perfumes? or has found another great vanilla one? Would love to hear your recommendations?

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