Dress like Liv Tyler in Empire Records

I’m on a real 90s binge with the Dress Likes… at the moment! Next is none other than Liv Tyler’s Corey Mason in Empire Records. Love this outfit, so grunge yet still feminine at the same time.

corey mason empire records

Spree and steal version today. On the left we have the more realistic high street options – a tartan skirt from boohoo.com and a crop baby blue jumper from Miss Selfridge. Paired with a lovely red bra from Hanky Panky. And on the right, a tartan kilt from Burberry and a Miu Miu cashmere sweater. The beautiful red bra on the right is from Stella McCartney.

(There’s also a Fluffy Cable Jumper from River Island on sale on ASOS at the moment that would be perfect for this.)

Finally the black doc martin boots to complete the look, lanyard optional 😉

Any ever rocked this costume to a fancy dress or 90s themed party?

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liv tyler empire records


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