Ollie and Olivia Make Up Brush Review

So after investing in my beautiful new Charlotte Tilbury foundation, I got a new foundation brush from the Body Shop and it’s horrid. It’s double layered which as far as i’m concerned just makes for a really uneven texture and a manky brush. I persevered as it cost about 20 quid but I hate it. So I went to TK Maxx to try and pick up a bargain and saw the Ollie and Olivia one, it’s a great shape (all the bristles are the same length!) and nice soft texture. I accidentally picked up the rest of the range whilst i was there as they, i meant they were just so cheap, it would have been rude not to.

The foundation brush is great, soft bristles but overall firm texture so can either paint or stipple foundation. Also has a rounded edge, perfect for getting round all the contours of your face. I also love the shape of the blush one, the structured gradient of it gives a great application. Would be perfect for contouring as well.

I never use the little sponge eye shadow applicators,  but i’m sure that’s fine. The eyelash and eyebrow brush also use, but the best is the eye shadow brush, with short, firm bristles, it’s ideal for applying dark colours right into the eye socket, like my new MAC Carbon eye shadow.

Also they-re white and rose gold brushes! Ideal for Instagram flatlay photos! Apologies, I’ve already used the foundation brush in that photo – rank!

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