Handbag Essentials

New Year, new handbag! I found this snakeskin print delight on Free People

The essentials: phone, card holder, purse, keys, pen.etc. Also really want this iPhone tassel charger, what a genius idea, i’m always forgetting to pack my charger!

Perfume: It was my tiny Chanel no5, a classic for a reason! But I’ve started reading Cat Marnell’s ‘How to murder your life’ memoir and her vanilla obsession must be rubbing off on me, I picked up the Vanillary perfume from Lush and I love it and can’t stop sniffing myself! It smells amazing and lasts a really long time.

Make up: So as previously mentioned I’m obsessed with getting rid of my eye bags, or at least hiding them! So I carry round both panda eyes and YSL touché éclat, so all bases are covered. Also need my Mac pencil eye liner for touch ups, and either Clinique Peony Pop matte lipstick or Maybelline Baby Lips lip balm. (All other make essentials covered in ‘My Make Up Bag‘.) With Urban Decay eye shadow primer I don’t need to touch that up during the day. Likewise, Charlotte Tilbury primer and foundation last preeeeetty well and also I’m not realistically going to re-do aaaalll my make up at work. I’m very busy and important don’t ya know!

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