Elegant Touch False Nails Review

I’ve only recently starting wearing fake nails, I love wearing nail varnish but I because I type all day, it gets chipped so easily! And I can’t be doing with the hassle of getting gel polish off (although I will shortly be posting a shortcut blog on how to do that). So I decided to try false nails. Below are my reviews of a few from the Elegant Touch range.

Elegant Touch Polished Nails – Next Stop New York: this was the first pair I tried as loved the dark purply-blue matt finish. They fitted really well, which is one of the benefits of the flex fit style, but because I still need to be able to type, I have to file them right down. They survived the filing but each time they hit something they did bend and crumple the end really easily. So I had to keep filing them down. It was the was the same when i tried a black and white patterned pair in the same line, they just bent at the end if you caught them on anything, so I wouldn’t bother with the flex fit ones at all as they’re just not very hard wearing.

House of Holland  – What a Stud: Seen in the image at the top. I loved these, and they are thicker false nails, so they don’t bend. They are a great design, and got lots of comments but the downside is there were only 6 in the pack that had studs on, and they were pretty narrow to be honest. They fit my nails ok but really if they are advertising multiple sizes there should be more decorated ones. I also found whilst the nail stayed on very well,  the gold decorations chipped off. The plain white nails were very hard wearing and stayed on for a week. But since the stud ones got damaged they aren’t reusable.

Elegant Touch – Chrome Crazy there were definitely the best. Image below. They are hard wearing, so you can file them right down and they’ll still maintain their nail shaped integrity. They stayed put for a good week. I had to replace one. I got lots of compliments on these as well as they’re very eye catching. To get them off I soaked them in hot soapy water for about half an hour and they slowly peeled off. They are still in pretty good nick, so I could reuse them.

Just to note, after I’ve taken my nails off, I buff down the nail surface to get rid of any raggedy bits, file them back into shape, re do my cuticles and apply LondonTown Lakur Nail Hardener.I find this is great for helping my nails recover.

Elegant Touch – Snow Globe: this is my newest pair and looking forward to sticking them on for the Christmas holidays!

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