Dress Like Chuck in Pushing Daisies

Pushing Daisies is one of my absolute favourite TV shows and i’m gutted it’s not on anymore. I love how you can’t really tell when it’s set and how the costumes, especially those for Chuck, have been inspired from the 50s, 60s and 70s.

This blog looks at Anna Friel’s character, Charlotte Charles, or ‘Chuck’ as she’s better known, and her unique style. There are so many great outfits to choose from, so for this first blog posts i’ve mainly looked at her dresses. There are a lot of 50s style retro dresses with large skirts and fitted tops, as well as 60s style mini dresses, 70s maxi dresses all in bright colours and unique patterns to reflect her sunny personality. In order to keep her identity secret, accessories are a must, and we see a huge range of head scarves, cloche hats, floppy hats and large sunglasses.


chuck in yellow

A lovely selection of yellow and floral dresses here inspired by Charlotte Charles style in Pushing Daisies. She wears a lot of yellow throughout the series and i’ve picked some of my favourites to showcase with some ideas of how you can copy her style. Starting from the left, the embroidered knee length dress from from ASOS, the off the shoulder lace one is from Whistles, then an ideal yellow floral dress with large, pleated skirt from Marc Jacobs, followed by a beautiful maxi dress from LK Bennett. In the centre is a love off the shoulder dress from Oasis and an original 50s dress. On the right hand side the pussy bow dress is from Sister Jane at ASOS and the skater dress is from Yumi at House of Fraser. Finally, the cardigan is LK Bennett. There is also the perfect version of the floral, white and yellow dress she wears in the Bzzzzzzzz! episode from Hep Cat Vintage at Etsy.


dress like chuck green

Like yellow, green has got to be one of the colours Chuck most appears in on Pushing Daisies. Starting on the left a vintage style dress from Amazon of all places, which looks ideal in the photo but not sure what you’d actually receive. The bright green, beautifully embroidered dress is from ASOS. And my favourite outfit is the one in the centre, the first dark green suede coat is from miss self ridge and the second very expensive version is from Jill Sander. Paired with a chunky leopard print waist belt, this one from Isabel Marant, and a pair of knee high, black leather boots, this pair from paolo shoes. The 60s style, embroidered mini dress is from house of fraser, the first green maxi dress is from ASOS and the second from Net a Porter.


dress like chuck

The red lace dress on the right is from Dolce and Gabanna and massively out my price range! Followed by a great lace skater dress from pussy cat london. The red mary janes are from Nine West. Turns out there aren’t a lot of embroidered short sleeved pink jumpers around! But I managed to find a couple, both from Yoox.com. Likewise, the pink peter pan wool dress, also hard to find. But I love this polka dot one from Lazy Oaf.

There are also two beautiful vintage 50s red dresses on Etsy at Blue Dahlia Dresses and Mad Crush Vintage.

Finally, a selection of Charlotte Charles impressive accessories wardrobe. This time looking at hats and sunglasses. She is often seen in a 60s style cloche hat or silk headscarf with a large pair of sunglasses.

chuck hats

And, if you’re looking for some hair style inspiration ages ago I did a blog on a 60s half up half down hair do and a 60s low pony tail.


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