How to get rid of those eye bags

Eye bags, panda eyes, dark circles, whatever you call then, are the bane of my beauty life. Even if I get a full eight hours sleep and drown myself in water, they are still there! So with this sad fact accepted, I have turned to make up to hide the dark truth!

Obviously there are all the usual ways to take care of your skin, exercising, eating well, drinking water.etc. But this blog is about how to cover them up!


  1. Firstly, with any good daily routine, after cleansing you’ll need to moisturise. I apply a serum (Waitrose Pure  Hydration Comforting Serum) all over my skin, followed by my moisturiser (Avene Hydrance Optimale Light) when that has sunk in. (And, always remove your make up before bed! You’ve got to let your skin breath and you don’t your poor pores clogged up all night.)
  2. Then around my eyes I use Benefit’s It’s Potent Eye Cream and dab gentle right round the edge of those dark eye circles, use the ring finger and go gently! It moisturises, smoothes fine lines and brightens the skin. (Important to use products that have been designed for the eye area as this is much thinner, more delicate skin.)
  3. I then start my usual make up routine as outlined in yesterday’s blog ‘My Make Up Bag’. I start by applying Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow all over my skin, followed by the Magic foundation. (This foundation also includes spf15, so if your foundation, primer.etc does not include this you should really add some sunscreen to your daily beauty routine at some point. Stop skin damage contributing to those dark circles as well!) These two together already provide quite good coverage and add a good dollop of brightness to my under eyes but alas it’s not enough for my puffy skin.
  4. So the we apply Benefit’s Stay Don’t Stray primer for eye shadow and concealer. On a daily basis that is usually enough, but if it’s particularly bad day then I apply the cult classic ‘YSL ouch Eclat’, which highlights and concealers those dark circles. You can also use for contouring and highlighting but I literally do not have time for that on a daily basis.
  5. Finally, we bring out the big guns. I’ve recently discovered Toly Moly Panda’s Dream Brightening Eye Base, I actually bought this as TK Maxx but you can order from Amazon as well. It’s basically a white powder/paste that covers dark spots. It’s quite a big stick, so I swipe a bit on my finger tip and gently rub under my eye rather than splodge the whole thing across my face. This is the one that goes in my make up bag for top ups during the day. It’s the perfect consistency that it doesn’t encourage my mascara/eye liner to smudge all under my eyes as well.

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