Essentials: Charlotte Tilbury Foundation Review

So being super pale, i’ve always been on the quest to find a foundation that actually matches the colour of my skin, that is almost translucent. So after meeting  fellow make up fiend at a hen do, we went to Selfridges and ended up at Charlotte Tilsbury, which I just assumed was super expensive, I mean it quite expensive but at £29 for a bottle of foundation, only marginally more than the Mac, Benefit.etc ones i’ve used in the past. I’m also happy to invest a bit more on foundation, since it’s covering the biggest area of your face, and then save money on other beauty products.

I did the full get a make over to actually match the foundation to my skin, and is great to go make up shopping with a friend (I was lucky to go with an absolute expert) to get that second opinion and stop you feeling pressured into buying something that might not 100% suit you.

I was really tempted by the moisturiser  – Charlotte’s Magic Cream – as it was beautiful, lovely thick consistency, smells great and made my skin look really fresh but it was £70, so had to pass on that 😦

But I did invest in the Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow, an anti-aging primer. which at the ripe old age of 30 I  need now. This cost £38.50 but after three months of use every day, still has well over half the bottle left .

It’s a ‘complexion-enhancing light diffuser’, which can be used over or under foundation, I use under for that dewy look or if i’m going out after work, pat onto cheekbones, under eyes.etc as a highlighter. It has a golden shimmer and you only need a small amount to cover your face. You can immediately see the shimmery effect on your skin in the light, bit like a more subtle Edward Cullen.

As previously mentioned I have very sensitive skin so always worry with any primers, but this has been absolutely fine and it’s also very moisturising.

On top of this goes the foundation, I have got Magic Foundation Shade 2 (I wasn’t the palest one!) I was advised to apply with a brush which I did for the first two months but went through super fast. So for the second bottle, I’m just blobbing it on my cheeks, chin.etc and then using a beauty blender to blend in, which is using much less to get solid coverage. I also cheat a bit as i’ve got a fringe which means I never have to do my forehead, yey.

The results are brilliant, it gives good coverage, brightens and evens out my skin tone to give flawless skin. It also contains spf 15 to protect the skin, which is great for me as if i layer loads of products on my skin it starts to get greasy. It can be layered on to increase coverage without feeling too thick. It does last well though out the day at work, but you would need to touch up for the evening as well. But overall I’m really pleased with it and basically feel like I’ve found the one!

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