Last night me and my (best) friend headed to ‘Skyehalla’ at the Queen of Hoxton in Hoxton (of course). It’s described as “A Nordic Viking Feasting and Drinking Hall in the Clouds”. 

It’s on the rooftop so this does require climbing many stairs to reach it. As I’m sure i’ve mentioned I have vocal chord paralysis which affects my breathing, meaning stairs are not my friend. But on the plus side the walls are covered with amazing viking graffiti artworks. So I could stop and look like I was taking photos rather than struggling to breathe after climbing three stairs.

The entrance is like walking into a Viking banqueting hall, surrounded by shields and fur with Nordic runes projected on the wall. A large hanging viking decoration hangs from the ceiling of the yurt, with many, many fairy lights.

The decor was excellent but the music was weeeeeird. It was mainly 90s hip hop featuring the likes of the ‘Fresh Prince of Bel Air’ theme, which don’t get me wrong is great, but I would preferred something a bit more viking-esque. Obviously the likes of Amon Amarth or Turisas is not to everyone’s tastes but maybe Wardruna (very atmospheric, based on Nordic spiritualism and runes) which features in the Viking TV series would have been ideal.


There are wooden banqueting (picnic) tables around the outside. We got there at about 6pm and got a table but it got pretty busy later on. I kicked off with Blood of Loki cocktail which was nice, very whisky-ish, and my friend had Freya’s Nettle Love Elixir which, i’m not going to lie to you, was horrible, like literally drinking nettles.

There is also food on offer which you can check out on their menu here. I had the Hodhr’s Hotpot, featuring pork belly, apples and potatoes. I wish I’d had the vegetable crush and red cabbage side, but had it with a roll which was a mistake. And, my friend tucked into Gunnar’s Goulash, a vegetable goulash pie, with sides (!) which i’m reliably informed was very tasty.


Outside there are fire pits! You can purchase 5 marshmallows for a pound, so obviously we got 5 each as you can’t share marshmallows. Unbelievably i have never roasted marshmallows on a fire before and i’m not quite sure how i’ve reach 30 without doing this!

I’m not sure what the ‘official’ technique is, but I set some on fire and that tasted pretty good! The only downside was they are on teeny-tiny sticks and the fire is about 1000 degrees and the wind on the rooftop meant the smoke was burning our eyes, but we persevered for the sweet sugary goodness of marshmallows. These also go very nicely with the the ‘Skye’s Hot Buttered Rum’, which was delicious and sort of like a Hot Toddy.

So I don’t normally take photos of the toilets on a night out but I want to be this woman! She’s not taking any shit from any vikings.



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