Dress Like Alabama in True Romance

I came to this film quite late as I only saw it recently. But I just loved Alabama’s unique outfits, especially being a big fan of leopard print myself. So I’ve pulled out some of my favourite outfits from True Romance with suggestions of how to copy Alabama’s style.


dress like true romance

Not as easy to find pink leopard trousers as you may think! There are some leggings from River Island a couple of other stores on eBay, but this particular pair is from Michael Kors. Currently on sale for less than 100 quid.  Tops again very difficult as it’s such a distinct piece of clothing, it’s also the middle of winter so a cold shoulder, chiffon top is not going to be easy to come by, but two options from Free People to get you going. The bra is also from Free People and they have a lot of beautiful very delicate bras. If you’re of the bigger bust, like Heidi Klum, also does beautiful lacey bras in cool colours.

Outfit is pulled together with a bright blue waist belt, this one is a vintage one from Bottega, take a look at eBay and especially Etsy for other bright coloured vintage belts. You may be able to see in the photo, Alabama is sporting a pair of dangling heart earrings. This pair is available online at Belk. Finally, the pair of bright blue peep toes are from Nordstrom.


dress like true romance

I think this is my favourite outfit, not that i’d walk around in just a bra though! Bra, earrings and belt as above. I love these blue cowboy boots! This is a vintage pair from Etsy, I also saw quite a few pairs of bright  coloured cowboy boots on Zappos as well. Cow print skirt is again from Etsy. All topped off with the bright blue Rayban Wayfarer Sunglasses, which i need immediately.


dress like true romance

I like how I have a tiny woman next to a massive furry coat! This one is from Zara, of course fake. The dress is from Asos, it’s not a halter neck but the fit is more sexy siren, closer to Alabama’s outfit than some of the vintage style halter neck dresses.

The red heart earrings again from Etsy. The bright blue boots are from Shoe Dazzle and i’m sure you could find some great vintage ones on Etsy or eBay as well.

I love this handbag from Aspinal, probably slightly out Alabama’s price range. But it’s soooo nice!


dress like true romance

This one is a vintage style halter neck dress! This polka dot one is from a seller on Etsy. Paired with a mens bright blue shirt, this one from Kohls but loads of place you could get a plain shirt from. Another pair of peep toes from Alabama! This pair is from Nordstrom. Suitcase is just for decoration as I don’t imagine people are planning on carrying around wads of cash in a suitcase with them.


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