Gothic Interiors: Feature Walls

What is gothic style?

In gothic architecture we can see the dramatic, elegant and ornate. In the later gothic revival, gothic literature evolves to gothic horror and features the supernatural and the strange. Homes are dark and gloomy and often haunted, and it’s full of the unusual. So it’s easy to see where the kind of gothic motifs we are familiar with the – dark colours, elaborate decorations and curiosities.

This is the first of a four part series looking at different elements of gothic inspired interior design and ideas for how to recreate in your own home.

Gothic Feature Wall

Something that often appears in gothic interior design is a feature wall. Either as an extension of an elaborate bedhead, over the fireplace, or to make a statement in the front room or entrance hall.

Starting with a block colour, especially monochrome or very dark green and grey, works very well. It gives you a plain background for your pieces to stand out on. It looks great when the wall is built around a key piece like a large ornate mirror or interesting painting/print.

By mixing up different shapes and sizes frames and using contrasting frames and mixed media, you can make an interesting artwork in its own right. If you have a white wall, using black and gold frames, likewise on a dark wall using gold and cream for frames.

There are a huge range of original, handmade or printed artworks on Etsy. I love the skull motifs on text print.  You can also get a number of old photographs online or in second hand shops.

You can break up white spaces with unique embroidery, like these hoops from Stitches of Anarchy, antique keys, hanging dried roses or an usual dream catcher. Etsy store, Naturescurios, has a number of different unusual animal skull and feather decorations which, importantly, the store own promises to have gathered by ethical means.


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