Lush Product Review: Swimming Bag Essentials

So as discussed in my previous blog ‘Essential Swimming Kit‘ it’s great to have combination products so you have less to put in an already massive swimming bag. I love Lush products and their tiny bottles are the ideal size to throw in a kit bag and go. And, their amazing scents do wonders to cover up the post swim chlorine smell!



I love Lush’s 9-5 cleanser. It’s a light, cleansing milk with a lovely texture, it melts right into the skin. It contains almond oil, ylang ylang oil and fresh dove orchid giving it a subtle, fresh smell. It’s very gentle so you can wipe the excess off with a cotton pad and just leave it, no need to rinse. Although I do like to follow up with Lush’s Eau Roma Water, as mentioned in my previous Lush review, or Caudalie’s Moisturising Toner.

Although you can not use this in the shower! I don’t understand why some cleansers are like this, Liz Earle is the same, lovely cleanser but if you don’t use a muslin cloth or cotton pads to wipe off and add water it turns into a sticky mess.




For shower gel/shampoo I use Lush’s ‘it’s raining men’, which smells a-mazing! It contains honey, rose hip and brazilian orange oil, amongst other things.

Honey is great as a natural antiseptic, it soothes and moisturises skin. As does the rose hip. And the orange and bergamot scents are delicious. Makes up for having to shower in the manky leisure centre or gym showers!






Usually the shampoo/shower gel is enough to get me through after a swim, but if its a particularly chloriney day I might add in some conditioner. Especially as my hair is still recovering from it’s pin dip dye.

I use Lush’s American Cream conditioner. It again smells amazing, but this is very important following swimming as you need to get rid of the chemically chlorine smell. And, American Cream is full of honey, vanilla, strawberry oranges, sage. It’s light and non-greasy so leaves your hair nice and soft and well conditioned.



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