How to maintain bright hair dye colour

I’ve dyed my hair a few different colours – green, blue, pink and red but unfortunately it just doesn’t last. So how do you maintain a bright hair colour?

I will start with the fact I am not a hairdresser or hair dying professional in any way, and although my hair is ok, you should follow the warnings on the product packaging. I also only dye the ends of my hair as my scalp can have a reaction to some hair dyes, which allows me to re-dye a lot without having to worry about it. 

1) Bleach hair – if you have dark hair you’ll need to bleach it first or it won’t take at all. On a couple of occasions i’ve had to bleach it twice to get it light enough, but you need to leave about a month in between to let your hair recover.

2) Leave the dye in – when you first dye your hair you can leave it on much longer than 20 minutes it says. Obviously proceed with caution as it’s a recommendation for a reason but personally I usually leave mine in for a couple of hours with a towel round my neck so it’s not touching my skin.

2) Re-dye regularly – I usually need to properly re-dye at least once a week to maintain a colour.

3) Wash it less often – use dry shampoo in between normal washes to reduce the number of shampoos washing out the dye each week.

4) Use a colour shampoo and conditioner – when you do wash it, not just for maintaining colour by also to re-moisturise as dye will dry out your hair at lot!

4) Add some colour to conditioner – each time I wash my hair mix in bit in with conditioner to reapply a bit of the colour. Most recently my hair was pink and Bleach London and they actually do a shampoo and conditioner with pink colouring in it.

5) Rinse with cool water – when you do wash rinse with cool water as hot water will strip the colour, likewise…

6) Avoid heated styling products – again heat till strip the colour. Styling products with alcohol in (unfortunately most cheaper styling products) will also fade colour.

6) Avoid bright sun – not always possible, but the sun will bleach the colour out of your hair as well.

How do you maintain your bright hair colour? Any tips to add?


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