Tips for getting up early

After a few weeks off sick following a Thyroidectomy, I started back at work this week and it’s been a bit of a shock doing those early starts again. So if, like me, you love your bed and aren’t keen on getting up at the crack of dawn for a commute, here’ are some suggestions to make it a little bit easier:


  • Get straight out of bed – snoozing the alarm will only make you more tired and staying in bed reading your phone will just tempt you. Get straight up, even put phone away from bed so you have to get out of bed to turn off your alarm.
  • Wake up – are you one of those lucky people that can get up early and go for a run or gym to wake you up? Or perhaps you could start with a gentle yoga session or meditation with deep breathing to get the juices flowing. Or simply a hot shower could be enough to wake you up.
  • Get into a routine – know what time you need to get out, be out the shower and leave house, so you don’t have to keep checking the time and worry about how long you have left.
  • Get ready as quickly as possible – so you can get as much sleep as possible! Lay out your clothes the night before, pack breakfast/lunch, or put it somewhere easy to grab, have the make up you use all the time in a pot/bag together.
  • Think positively – it’s tempting to groan when you get out of bed and think about all the things your worried about that day. Instead think about what you’re looking forward to. Have you started reading a great book on the train? Get a great cup of coffee from your favourite cafe, what fun plans have you got for the evening after work? What can you do at work today to get you one step closer to that promotion?
  • Make an amazing morning playlist – I love listening to music when I’m getting ready, even in the shower. Power ballads and 80s pop are ideal!



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