Hair volumisers that actually work

I have straight straight hair, that just wants to stay straight and flat and I don’t want straight flat hair, I want volumised bombshell hair. So i’m always on the look out for a good volumiser and have tried everything from cheap ones to super expensive brands and these are the ones that actually work for me:


TiGi Bed Head Small Talk – after trying millions of different volumising products, this is my go to hair volumiser which I use every day. It smells great and has a lovely consistency. It gives good lift and doesn’t dry out my hair. The only down side is it’s around £15 so bit more expensive than most of the volumising products on offer, but not as expensive as the high end ones and it works.

Wella Shockwaves Ultra Strong Heat Defence Volumising Mousse – when it’s the end of the month and i’m on a bit of  a budget this is my back up volumiser. It works really really well and costs less than a fiver. It volumises my hair noticeably even when it was really long and heavy, the only downside is after using it daily for a couple of months it started to make my hair feel quite dry and coarse.

Vo5 Pump It Up Backcombing Spray – as the name suggests this is a great one for hair styling. When doing big beehives or bouffants I absolutely layer this on. Works very well especially when used with an actual backcomb. it does require rubbing in, or can leave a bit of a white powder residue.

Vo5 Give Me Texture Instant Oomph Powder – you only need a small amount of this otherwise it gets quite sticky, so I section my hair and sprinkle along my scalp and rub in well. I use this both after washing my hair to give it a bit of texture and the second day after washing to revive it.

Batiste Stylist XXL – Volume Spray and Plumping Powder – the volume spray is great for second day hair and adding a bit of lift and acting as a dry shampoo. The plumping powder is essentially the same as the Oomph Powder and they’re same sort of price both work just as well, just need a little bit and to rub in well.

Tresemme Perfectly Undone Sea Salt Spray   – it’s actually very disappointing as a salt spray as provided no waves or tousled locks at all! but it’s actually a brilliant volumiser, adds lots of volume and texture to the body of your hair, so I use with another volumiser that gives lift.

In order to prep my hair for the best volume, I wash it with Lee Stafford BiG FAT HAiR Shampoo and Conditioner. When it needs a bit of oomph, I run a bit of Ruff as you like wax through, tip my hair upside down and just mess it up. This wax has really good hold and isn’t greasy.



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