Dress like Veronica in Heathers

Mostly I like this film because …Christian Slater. But Winona rocks some very cool outfits throughout the film, there is a lot of blue tights action which you don’t see very often. I’ve picked out some of my faves below.



I’m starting with my favourite. Love this outfit, but very hard to find a similar pinafore, the closest I can find is this one from New Look. The off the shoulder grey jumper is from River Island and accessorise with a long pendant.



This outfit just screams 80s! The ruffle skirt is from Macys, the lace bra let/crop top is from River Island, tights from Warehouse but you can obviously get these from most stores. The grey jacket is from Romwe and I think cooler than the one in the film, i don’t really know what that is to be honest, is it a shirt, a cardigan a baseball jacket or blazer, it’s a unique cut, that’s fore sure. I’m not sure I would actually wear this outfit, the others, absolutely, this one you’re really going to have to be as cool as 80s Winona Ryder to pull it off.

black dress

Classic little black dress you can wear for most occasions, in this instance school. The one on the right is a Brave Soul black skater dress, virtually exactly the same. But it’s a popular style you’ll find in a lot of high street shops.



These blue tights feature big in this film! The ones in here are from La Redoute. I have taken a bit of artistic license here as she’s wearing a short jacket in the film but I love this fluffy long grey cardigan from Mango. The shirt looks like a classic Chambray shirt, the one pictured here is Ralph Lauren. The skirt is from Topshop and it’s either incredibly light grey or white.

Heathers (1988) Winona Ryder , Lisanne Falk, Kim Walker, and Shannen Doherty


What is the style of button called that she has here?! I can not find it but I know it’s a thing that exists. So instead I’ve had to settle for a shirt of similar aesthetic from Moschino, which is pretty cool and I like it’s little bow at the top. Tights again from La Redoute, with pleated skirt grey wool skirt from John Lewis. The party piece is obviously the cardigan. There aren’t a lot of grey jersey patchwork blazer/cardigans knocking around but this one from Nordstrom is pretty cool and is going to do the job as well as any.



So there is obviously nothing like this outfit available now, look at it, it’s amazing! But in a similar statement button jacket and skirt vein is this Alexander McQueen black jacket and Alexa Chung for AG Lonestar skirt. I would 100% wear this outfit, but everyone at work already thinks i’m a secret goth.

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