What you need for a yoga class

First things first, you need a mat. After much research I decided on the Warrior 2 Mat. I thought I wanted a really thick one so it would be more comfortable but after seeing how massive they were, that would quite an effort to carry round each week on the London commute! So have gone for the 4mm one.

yoga mat strapwarrior 2 yoga matThen something to carry said mat. I just ordered a strap from Yoga Matters, pink strap to go with my purple mat! To keep it all nicely rolled up, and now i can stop battling with my too small bag, it keeps falling out of!

Then the fun bit, what you are going to wear. So I could really just use the same stuff as my running kit, but new sport, new clothes, the perfect excuse for shopping! So i’ve got my eye out for some new leggings and now I can enjoy the fashionable low impact sports bras rather than the industrial strapping I normally have to use!

So from the bottom up, I wanted some yoga socks but my class is all about bare feet, so just for home, these delights from Free People:

yoga socks

Onto leggings, I love these by Alo, legging/leg warmer combo. They are pretty expensive, so haven’t splashed out yet, but they are definitely on my watch list. The question is which colour?!

yoga leggings

Then tops, as it’s coming onto summer, only need a vest top and sports bra at the moment. As mentioned looking forward to wearing some of the  more stylish low impact sports bras, very much into stroppy backs at the moment. Love all of them from Free People – need to test out support levels. So will keep you updated. As you can see they look great on their own (if you have rock hard abs) but i’ll be wearing them under multiple layers.

yoga bras

Mix of inspiration from Free People and Alo Yoga. There are about a million different types of tank top but i love their strappy backs and multiple colour/layer detail. They are also tight fitting so aren’t going to get in way when doing your Downward Dog or Crow pose.


yoga tops

It’s not even summer yet but i’m already ready with my winter shopping list as well, and some great long sleeved winter warmers:


Check out Free People and Alo Yoga for clothing and Yoga Matters  and good old Amazon for yoga equipment.


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