Lush product review part two

I can not resist Lush products at the moment. This shopping spree ended up having an all pink theme.

Snow Fairy – This shower gel smells amazing, and because it’s only available at Christmas, it always reminds me of Christmas. So I got it for that little bit of extra joy in the morning, realising it’s only a couple of months until the most wonderful time of the year!

Given it smells of bubblegum I wasn’t expecting this to be made from fruit, it’s made from some naturally things and ‘safe synthetics’ which you can see on the website. But I love the bright pink colour and thick consistency as well. Does what it says on the tin and cleans in the shower. This needs to be available all year round!snowfiary

Fairy Dust – To match the Snow Fairy, I ended up getting the Fairy Dust dusting powder as well. Made from loads of stuff including cornflower, citral and limonene. This is a lovely sparkly powder for an added bit of glamour. It’s not really a necessity but nice for the upcoming party season. As you would expect with Lush it smells gorgeous. But unlike the video on the website, as you go to apply, it does go EVERYWHERE! The good news is, just rub it and it goes away.


D’Fluff – this is delightful. Made of strawberries and cocoa butter, coconut oil, golden syrup and egg whites, it has very lovely texture and really moisturises your skin as you shave. The smell is not easily identifiable as strawberry but it’s not unpleasant. The only down side is I’m not sure how long the little pot of it is going to last, but we’ll see.



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