What to do in Tintagel

We recently went to Tintagel for a friend’s wedding, we stayed at a lovely Airbnb. (Love Airbnb, book that for all our holidays now.) We spent a few days there as it took about 6 hours to get there from where we live London! Tintagel is quite small, so this is more what to do in Tintagel and the surrounding area.

Firstly the beach is amazing, I mean look at it! Even on a cloudy day, the ominous clouds and crashing waves create such a dramatic atmosphere.


Tintagel Castle – The ruins of Tintagel castle is right on the edge of the coast split between the main land and a small island. You can walk around the ruins on both sides, we went down at sunset for some really amazing views. Just bear in mind there are a lot of steps!


Merlin’s Cave – this is situated at the bottom of the cliffs of the ruins and runs straight through to the other side. You can get down and walk through when the tide is out but it does fill up when the tide comes back in, so make sure you check the times before walking down.


King Arthur’s Hall – this was an amazing wedding venue. With the stone throne at the top of the room, flags lining the walls and not one, but two, roundtables (!) it certainly had a sense of occasion. There is a green field out the back, perfect for party games and my friends had actually arranged a viking reenactment group to perform!


Tintagel Hotel – this is up the hill opposite Tintagel Castle ruins. We went up to visit this as we heard it was the hotel where the Witches was filmed, it turns out it’s a bit inside, rather than the outside, although we did spend a long time convincing ourselves it was definitely it. You have to pay to look round inside if you aren’t a guest.


The Old Post Office – The Tintagel Old Post Office sits in the middle of the high street and amazingly we had trouble finding it, it’s quite small! Well worth a look as was only £3 to get in. Originally built in the 14th century, and actually only a post office for 7 years or something in the 1900s,  it offers a real slice of history of the area.


St Materiana’s – this lovely old church sits atop Glebe Cliff. The ancient church has hardly changed in 900 years. It’s an example of old Norman architecture and contains additional historic artefacts inside, including an old Roman sign. It was completely empty when we walked up apart from the vicar so ideal for some peace and quiet as well as the making the most of the beautiful coastal views outside.


Coastal walk to Boscastle – The only thing my boyfriend wanted to do all week was a massive walk so the day after the wedding, we set off from Tintagel to Boscastle. You literally just follow the path round the edge of the coast to Boscastle. You’ll know you’re there when you reach a small white castle on the edge of the cliff. This is the best bit as the are wild ponies around it! I must admit it was a little further than we thought it was going to be, but there was certainly no need for the kind of equipment most people were carrying round! As long as you’re fairly fit, sensible shoes and some water is all you need. We were lucky was it was a beautiful day, should have worn sunscreen as i ended up with ridiculous sun burn patches in my lace top!


The Museum of Witchcraft – This is situated right by the bay at Boscastle, i.e. keep following the coastal path right down to the bay, do not turn right at Boscastle tower and try and find your own way there, like we did, as it took aaaages! It’s small but there’s a lot packed into it. I believe it is meant to be the largest collection of witchcraft related artefacts. It covers everything from the perception of witches in the media, historical witch trials and modern Wiccan practises.


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