Lush product review

angels on skin1. Angels on Bare Skin – This is Lush’s lovely facial exfoliating cleanser. It includes Kaolin, which absorbs the oil and grease in your skin, lavender oil and rose absolute to calm the skin and ground almonds which gently exfoliate.

As previously mentioned in my ‘top ten beauty products for sensitive skin‘, I have very sensitive skin, so i’m always wary of trying a new product. Thing is the ones in Lush just smell so damn good!Luckily natural ingredients have paid off and not only does my skin feel smooth and clean but it’s not irritated in anyway.

It’s a strange consistency, it looks like a lump and beige mud and you need to add water to make a milk. You can use as much or as little as you like to make it stronger/weaker. Would definitely recommend. A tub lasts a long time as well!


2. Eau Roma Water – Lush’s aromatherapy toner made from rose water to calm and reduce red skin and lavender water to balance and soften skin.

You can either use this as a toner to remove traces of cleanser/make up. Or you can use to hydrate and refresh by just spritzing over your face. I was massively sceptical this was going to be ok, as I find toner is the worst thing for irritating my skin. Fingers crossed so far this has been fine. I have used sparingly, just on my T zone and chin as these are the areas that need it most.

It smells lovely, very fresh and complements the face wash very nicely.




3. It Started With a Kiss – A lovely lip balm with tint. I’ll be honest, I couldn’t tell what flavour this was. It smelt nice but I couldn’t decide between cherry, strawberry or apple. Turns out it’s cinnamon-spiced apple. Lovely.

It’s made from extra virgin coconut oil and shea butter. Their website says you can built up into a deeper colour but I actually find it quite bright as soon as I put it on. So be careful, it’s not like vaseline you can just mush all round your mouth, you will need to apply with a mirror.

It’s a very nice velvety texture, only issue is you need to keep topping up, but that’s the same with any lip product to be honest!

4.Bubble Gum Lip Scrum – This tastes amazing! It’s made of caster sugar to exfoliate and jojoba oil to soften. And something magical that makes it taste of dreams. So that would be the negative you just want to eat the pot. It does what it says on the tin – exfoliates and makes your lips lovely and soft. It is messy so this is a part of the morning routine, over the sink job, not an out on the go one. Use before your lip balm/gloss/stick. You don’t need it every day maybe a couple of times a week. Again it lasts ages.

lip scrub

Photo credits: Lush Official Website.


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