Dress like Sandra Bullock in Speed



Love Annie’s (no surname) outfit in Speed! I was completely obsessed with this film as a child. I watched the video so many times I rubbed the sound off! Start with plain grey tank top, this one is from Graham and Spencer. Layer with a, this is specific, flowery chiffon bell sleeved button up knee high dress. The closest I could find, especially pattern wise was this Etoile Isabel Marant Shania dress. Accessorise with a black woven belt, this one from Fossil, and gold drop earrings, these ones from Chlobo. The Chelsea boots (H and M) and frilly ankle socks (Dorothy Perkins) are perfection! Finish off with, ideally an Arizona Wildcats bomber jacket, failing that, this grey fleecy one from Abercrombie and Fitch will do the job.


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