Dress like Louise Miller in Teen Witch

I can not believe this film flopped when it came out, it’s one of my absolute faves. The outfits in Teen Witch alone make it a classic! In an interview with Buzzfeed, Robyn Lively revealed that her mum actually had a huge input into the style of Louise Miller and she actually wears a lot of her own clothes throughout the film. I’ve been through and picked some of my favourites to recreate.



So there’s not a lot of dresses with tutus on the market at the moment, so this is definitely an added accessory. Again there are so many of these in all colours on Etsy and eBay. There two dresses that caught my eye are the Rotita dress on the right and the Graham and Spencer dress on the left.

This is my favourite of Louise Miller’s outfits. Instead of orange I’ve gone for yellow as I love this silk Hawaiian shirt from Maison Scotch. Paired with the 2nd day yellow full skirt and a wide white belt, the one shown is on Asos. But there are a lot of online shops with similar belts.

yellow outfit


The embellished denim waistcoat definitely makes this outfit. There’s a great one from Rare but you’d want to add a little more for that authentic 80s look. Alternatively keep an eye on Etsy for something handmade. The pink lacey skirt is from DKNY with a plain lilac top from Glamorous. Accessorise with wide black belt and dangly earrings.

stripe top

Another one of my favourite outfits from the film. And you could actually wear this to work today…I might. Simply a striped henley shirt from House of Fraser, plain black bodycon skirt which you can find in most clothes shops. Red velvet ankle boots from Nordstrom.



A key outfit in the film, when Louise really starts to come into her own, dressing how she wants and having the courage to wear what she thinks is cool. Vera moda pink Bodycon dress under neath tutu from Etsy or eBay, wide white belt from evogues, bright blue shirt from Nordstrom. Accessorise with earrings, River Island and Dorothy Perkins shoes.

pink t shirt

The Pink T-Shirt in this image is from Great Plains but you can get loads from American Apparel as well. There are absolutely loads of black tutus to be found on Etsy. The graffiti patterned leggings are from Glamourous . Back to Etsy for for your graffiti belt or splash out on a Moschino graffiti bum bag. And, don’t forget that all important 80s scrunchie!



Start with this great ra ra style skirt from TopShop, add this sweatshirt top from Rockit or tops from American Apparel as well and finish off with some classic pom poms, of which there are loads of all colours on ebay.

teen witch2


Completely lilac outfit with black belt, another one you could totally get away with for work today. Start with Phase Eight silk blouse, unsurprisingly there are not a huge amount of light purple blouses on offer, roll up sleeves. Pair with this extremely cool neoprene bodycon skirt from Pippa Lynn. Pull together with Pieces leather belt and finally a lilac scarf from River Island.


This denim skirt is amazing and screams 80s. Very hard to find both bodycon and ruffled denim skirt. So we have the bleach effect, body con, front zip version in this Diesel denim skirt and the frill version in this Esprit denim skirt.  For the top – this beautiful lacey cami from Free People.



And a very expensive designer one, just for fun. Top from Moschino, belt from Stella McCartney, skirt from Rag and Bone and the all important shoulder pads jacket from Saint Lauren.

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