I’ve finally started yoga

I have been meaning to for years and this month I just made myself start and I love it! It’s immediately become addictive and the boyfriend is laughing because I got my own mat after one class. That’sย my shopping addict side coming out!

Me next month (emily Blunt in ‘Edge of Tomorrow’

I go to ย The Globe yoga studio in London Bridge and it’s amazing, a converted warehouse in the tanneries, with a beautiful garden outside. It’s quite a small class usually only 6 or 7 people, so a perfect size, not overcrowded and enough one on one attention.

I try and fit in three sessions a week, one proper class and then two of me trying to do it on my own. That was a bit harder than i thought as I forget how the instructor moves from one pose to the next so it’s not quite as smooth and i seem to get through it much more quickly than he does! (I have found Hammock’s ‘Oblivion Hymns’ to be the ideal soundtrack for yoga at home. )

beautiful image of scorpion pose

But practise makes perfect! I had a look at some of the intermediate poses this weekend, and no, i will very much be staying in the beginner classes for a while!

Two immediate benefits, after just a month, are:

Relaxation and concentration. Throughout the class my mind doesn’t wonder i can’t think about anything else, only concentrate on my breathing and the different poses. To actually switch off for a while from London is great and it gives me chance to recharge.

Building up my strength. The main reason i wanted to start yoga was to strengthen my back as it often gets very painful when i run. i also have zero core strength and can’t even do one push up! After putting the effort in i can hold planks for longer, moving from dog, to plank, to sun salut and back up again was initially challenging but actually do that now!

So very much looking forward to my next class this week and in the meantime,ย I’ve started a Pinterest board of inspirational yoga poses, to remind myself what I’m aiming for:ย https://www.pinterest.com/katielouiseswan/yoga-inspiration/


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