60s Style: Low Pony Tail

This is best done on unwashed hair, I did this the day after the ‘casual up do’ to make the most of the mass of backcombing already in place! It’s an easy hair style that can really smarten up an outfit. It can be as smart or messy as you like.

  1. So first things first, separate your hair as if you were doing a half up half down do. Tie up the bottom section to keep it out the way. You can also release some wispy bits at the front if you like for a more casual look.
  2. The liberally spray your backcomb spray on the top section, or if you don’t have any of that some dry shampoo instead. Then take one inch sections of hair and backcomb both the front and back of these sections, working your way across the whole section of hair. This should add a lot of volume!
  3. Now try and tame this wild beehive, play around until you have the shape you like then pin it down with some grips. I always find if you get in place and then push up, you get a bit of a better bouffant. Now anchor it in place with as many grips as you want. you can always hide these or remove unnecessary ones later.
  4. Now undo the bottom section of hair and add it to the top in a loose pony, you can have straight or to either the left or right so if hangs over your shoulder. Up to you! Once in place, you can create a hair tie with a thin piece of hair and secure in place with another grip.
  5. For the finishing touches you can comb the top of the beehive to tidy it up for a sleeker do, but I like mine quite messy, so have just left as is. Then curl random sections in the pony tail to give it a bit of bounce and the wispy bits at the front. As will all 60s’ style dos add some hairspray et voila!

60s low pony - turn loose the swans


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