60s Style: Half up half down hair do

Quick but glam hair do for a party or night out when you don’t have much time. I did this for a wedding at the weekend as I spent about an hour or my getting ready time trying to stick the bloody false eyelashes down!

  1. Start with curled hair, either rollers, a curling iron, or sometimes I sleep in those bendy hair curlers. The choice is yours.
  2. Section of the top part of hair. If you have  a fringe start from the middle and section out a sort of triangle shape, if you don’t have a hair, leave about hair an inch an inch of hair free before you section off.
  3. Tying the bottom section loosely as you don’t want to ruin those curls! Work your way through the top section backcombing each bit. I would recommend Vo5 backcombing spray to help give you added volume, but there are a lot of other powders and sprays that will do the same job.
  4. To create the beehive section, I find it easiest to start with the middle section of the hair create a bouffant shape and pin down, then take the left and right side sections to help create the shape and tidy up.
  5. You can then use your comb to tidy up if you wish and finish off with a quick spritz of hair spray.

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