Bleach London: Hair dye and crayon review

I used to have ombre hair just by accident as some red hair dye grew out. But I did a massive hair cut last year to get rid of all the split ends and chopped it off.  I missed it and I am in the mood for a change so I’ve decided to bleach the end of my hair both to have the ombre effect and also to add different colours more easily. My hair is very dark brown so unless I bleach it, it all ends up being slightly lighter shades of dark brown.

The dye


I went for the DIY Dip Dye kit to achieve an ombre type style. I am aware this is incredibly late to the party of a well established trend but I still like it, and it’s a great way to break up dark hair. If i cut in layers it gets very thin towards the end, so i prefer to have it all one length.

Obviously bleach, bleaches so you want to be careful not to get any on skin or clothes. So I wore old clothes and gloves and clipped a towel around my neck.

As per any hair dye instructions you should test a small amount of the dye on your elbow or arm to gauge the reaction, even if you are just doing the ends! Also be careful to read all the instructions before starting, you need to work fast with bleach so you don’t end up with uneven colour.

So before starting brush your hair and ideally you split your hair into three sections – two front and one back. But my hair is far too long for me to reach the back so i just did two sections either side. Making sure the end of the towel is longer than the end of your hair!

You put on the blending lotion for about 2/3 cms of the top of the area you want to dip dye. I did about an inch under my chin. Then you want to apply the bleach from this section to the end of the hair, massaging in with the blending gel at the top. Repeat in one inch sections around your hair. So keep one glove bleach free so you can keep doing your blending gel!

When completed leave to set for between 15-30 minutes. I left mine on for 40 mins as I have very dark brown hair and 45 mins is the absolute max you can leave it. It’s really really light brown as oppose to blonde but it give it a much more natural feel and is still light enough to add colour to.

Rinse all the dye out of your hair and shampoo twice. Then you apply the intensive moisturising conditioner. Leave this in for 10-20 minutes with your hair wrapped in a towel. Finish off with one final rinse.

Then dry and style your hair as normal and be pleased with your results 🙂

The crayon


I was really happy with the effects of the Dip Dye kit, does exactly what it says on the box. So moving on to part to – I want to be able to keep changing the colour, so I went for one of the Bleach London crayons so I can wash out and try another one next time.

I went for washed up mermaid and it’s a lovely shade of sea green. However, I think i’ll just take the plunge and get the hair dye and colour the ends permanently as colouring in with the crayon took aaaages! It runs down really quickly as well, I have basically used an entire crayon to do the tips of my hair once! A pot of dye for roughly the same price would last an awful lot longer! I also had to keep stopping and sharpening, which made it quite a time consuming process and made a lot of mess.  i’ve just spent the last half an hour cleaning it off the carpet – however, it did come off, which is the main thing, so i hold out hope it’ll wash off my top as well. It does say on the box it can rub off on to clothing, so beware and probably stick to dark colours.

I wouldn’t use the crayons again. although ‘t would be ideal for a colouring your hair for a festival – it’s a  very vibrant colour even when brushed. But it does take a while to do, so not something you’d want to do regularly. However, it doesn’t last long and makes a mess. I will definitely be trying the hair dye though as the colours are brilliant.

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