How to get the perfect manicure

I’m obsessed with doing my nails, I do them every weekend and it’s just so disappointing to put all that effort in for them to chip on monday morning! With an office job that requires typing all day, it’s pretty tricky to keep them in tip top condition but here’s my manicure method:

(Note – If you are starting off with removing old nail varnish, I’d make sure you wash off well and apply some moisturiser to the hands and nails before getting started.)

1. Kicking off with filing- ideally you are meant to just file in the one direction otherwise it can weaken them, but I keep having to remind myself to do this because i have gotten into bad habits. I start with the left of the nail and work round. I usually file my nails with my hand curled towards me, so make sure you straighten your hand and check the shape from the other angle as well. i find this helps me getting a more even curve.

I know a lot of files have additional sides for the rest of the nail but I wouldn’t recommend trying to smooth ridges in the nails as i think it weakens them, certainly from my experience of doing this as they grow out they keep peeling.

2. Always do your cuticles! You should be able to see the small half moon at the bottom of each nail. I you use a cuticle oil, or I just use hand cream, you massage in and leave to soften. Then very gently push the skin back using a manicure stick. If you haven’t done them for a while, it make take a few times to build up again.

Snip20150425_143. I start with OPI Nail Envy – Sensitive and Peeling a nail strengthener for weak nails. Normally this is the only thing I put on my finger nails as they are in such bad condition.  I have never bitten them but I think years of painting them has caught up with me and they need some time to breath and get some vitamin D! This provides a good base coat for deep colours as well.


4. Then follow with two laSnip20150425_16yers of your choice of colour, allowing time to drive in-between. It’s also a n idea to use white as a first layer if you are looking to make it a really bright colour. I mostly use OPI nail varnishes but have also had some great ones from Essie and TopShop. I always wear the same colours through: Black, Grey, Dark Blue, Yellow or Glitter. My favourites at the moment are: I Just Can’t Cope-acabana from the OPI Brazil collection and Shine for Me from the 50 Shades of Grey collection.


Paint down the middle then either side taking care not to get on your skin but you can always just wipe off afterwards. It’s best to aim to leave a small gap around the edge of the nail then you should be on track! I also paint over the tip of the nail as well just to seal the colour.

5. Then top coat. I have been using the Seche Vite top coat, but I don’t know why i persevere with this as it absolutely does not work. I bought it because i thought it was something to speed up the drying of nail varnish. But it doesn’t really i think it means its fast drying. I put it on my toe nails and it last for probably two weeks, but on my fingers nails it makes no difference. I actually wondered if it made it worst with all the layers piling up!


But I have recently been told by a friend that the Sally Hansen Insta-dri Anti Chip Top Coat is brilliant and lasts for ages, so that’s on my shopping list for the weekend!




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