Smokey eyes must haves

Sultry smokey eyes, the make up holy grail. However for those who don’t have hands steady as a rock it can be a tricky business.Β It still takes me ages to get just right!Β You’ll need:

  • Benefit Stay Don’t Stray primer – i Didn’t use to believe in primer but turns out for more than one colour it’s pretty essential. This lasts well for the day but needs a bit of a top up if you are doing an evening out as well. I haven’t tried out loads of these, so would be great to get feedback on good ones!
  • Urban Decay Naked Palette – who doesn’t have this, an absolute make up staple. But any equivalent dark shade eye shadow palette will do. I only have the basics one and it has actually lasted me for ages. Although, technically i think you are meant to through away eye shadow every six months.Meh.
  • Rimmel Exaggerate Eye linerΒ – this is the perfect liquid eye liner, not only is it cheap, but it lasts for ages (all day and night out) and the thick, felt tip like, applicator makes it really easy to apply.
  • L’Oreal Super Liner Brow Artist Plumper – not exactly a smokey eye but you don’t want you’re beautiful smokey eyes topped with sparse eyebrows. I really like the Benefit Gimme Brow as well.
  • Eyelash curler – I am currently using the models own one from Boots. I literally just bought it because it was pink and realised my old one was probably from before university!
  • L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes – there is going to be a whole additional post on this as i am absolutely obsessed with finding the prefect volumising mascara. But this is my current fave, i’m using the ‘excess’ one. Is a very reasonable price around a tenner depending on where you get it. Really lengthens, holds a curl all day, I add literally loads of layers, when beauty tips say add two layers, i’ve already added about 20 per application.

So once you have the beauty products of choice, you’re ready to create your perfect smokey eye:

  1. Apply your primer or a concealer would do the job as well, this basically make sure all the layers of eye shadow you’re about to put on have something to stick to!
  2. Add on the eye shadow, I start with ‘venus’ all over the eye up to the brow, then starting with ‘naked two’ work my way out to the edge of the eyelid, using ‘faint’ and ‘crave’. You want to be blending upwards and outwards to the edge of your eyelid. You’ll need to use a different eye shadow brush for the different colours but i end up just blending it all with my finger. Love this image here from Bombshell Beauty.

naked basics paletteNaked palette smokey eye

  1. Line the top of the eye lash line as close as possible, blend in with ‘crave’ at the edges, the flick out in line with the edge of the last eye lash. I will admit a liquid liner can look harsher than a pencil one, but if i use a pencil one its all rubbed off by the time i leave the house.
  2. Line you bottom eye lash line and add a dab of the darkest powder at the edge and blend into the top lid. You’ll need a fine tipped brush for the darker colour otherwise it can end up dominating the whole look.
  3. Apply some layers of mascara, i go a bit mad with this and do jiggle the brush side to side, but i must say i haven’t seen any image benefit from doing up and down as well. Make sure you cover all of them from edge to edge.
  4. Brush in eyebrow mascara or draw on depending on you preference.

There is also the optional final step here when you need to get a cotton bud and clean up all the mascara and eye liner smudges πŸ™‚


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